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We are the leading global franchising firm, experts in the development and internationalization of franchises, as well as in mergers & acquisitions of business chains.

We are ambassadors of the International Franchise Association (IFA), we chair the Franchise Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), we are institutional allies of the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS), members of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), the Asociación Española de Franquiciadores (AEF), the Associação Portuguesa de Franchise (APF) and the Consejo Empresarial Alianza por Iberoamérica (CEAPI).


We build and optimize professional franchise systems through our Franchise Development Program. Our methodology has a strategic and technological focus, allowing us to achieve operational excellence, ensuring a solid and sustainable expansion.

Our franchise development program offers to transform high-potential businesses into professional franchise systems, with the aim of systematically ordering or growing exponentially.

Our franchise update and improvement program offers to optimize existing franchise systems, with the aim of validating your model, strengthening your current networks and building new ones.

Our franchise update and improvement program offers to optimize existing franchise systems, with the aim of validating your model, strengthening your current networks and building new ones.

Our specialized consulting programs in F&B and Retail operations offer to reinvent and optimize ongoing businesses, with the aim of unlocking the true potential of the business.

We convert successful businesses into Franchises with international standards

We expand Franchises worldwide


We commercialize franchise systems in pursuit of their growth and internationalization through our Franchise Sales Outsourcing (FSO) service. With global presence, we are established as the first and most relevant professional franchise expansion network.

Our professional franchise marketing service allows us to aspire to become the international expansion arm of a franchise that aspires to become a global brand.

Our matchmaking service for brands and operators and investors offers access to a sophisticated global network of world-class contacts, through our worldwide network of partners.

Our service of commercial missions and business meetings seek to connect the best opportunities and the most suitable resources at an international level, leveraging our global network.


We create value in investment banking transactions. We specialize in mergers & acquisitions, valuations, and the search and incorporation of strategic and financial partners in business chains and family businesses.

Our mergers and acquisitions brokerage service for franchise networks offers unique expertise, which seeks to generate value in business purchase and sale operations.

Our specialized services in private investment operations seek to capitalize on our experience and leadership in the franchise sector, to generate value in transactions related to the sector.

Our capital raising service offers elite entrepreneurs and businessmen the possibility of incorporating the best investment and strategic partners into their projects, companies and ecosystems.

We unite key pieces that seek to grow

Executive Team

Sandra Carrillo, CFE


Fernando López de Castilla, CFE

Founding Partner

Pinkas Flint, Ph.D.

Senior Counsel

Patricio Millas

Capital Managing Partner

Luisana Millán

Consulting Director

Lorena López de Castilla

Commercial Director

Rick Grossmann

Head Coach

Enrique Aguirre


Ned Levitt, CFE


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