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La Biblia de las franquicias

Adam Zeitsiff President & CEO – Gold’s Gym

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Considered one of the greatest references in the world of franchising, Fernando López de Castilla, CFE, is a Founding Partner of GNF Worldwide, the institution that has revolutionized this dynamic industry on a global level during the last decade.

Certified Franchise Executive and Ambassador of the US International Franchise Association, President of the Franchise Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and member of the Canadian Franchise Association and the Asociación Española de Franquiciadores, this Harvard negotiation and investment expert has managed to build bridges between the Latin American region and the United States, the mecca of franchising, as well as with Spain, the old world.

Throughout its history, it has redefined the rules of the modern franchise in its fight for the development and professionalization of the sector, also creating synergies with the world of investment banking and private equity, generating an unprecedented impact.


“La Biblia de las Franquicias” is a book whose content allows us to understand the franchise system from its origins, highlighting the contributions it has had in the business world and in humanity itself.

Through its six chapters, the reader will learn the conceptual and practical foundations of the system, understanding how its dynamics can contribute to business growth and personal fulfillment. Whether as a franchisor or franchisee, the book helps you discover the best path to success.

These chapters are:

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