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Authentic Korean Comfort Food Franchise

BONCHON® invites us to experience the flavors of South Korea, making us feel part of its roots, with the best quality ingredients that exist. Tell us, what new destination should BONCHON® reach?

Training and support

The BONCHON® professional franchise system offers each franchisee:

Transmission of know-how through world-class operations hands-on training and eLearning manuals.

Comprehensive initial training and coaching program.

Corporate advertising plan and local promotion programs.

Technical assistance and ongoing support protocols.

Why are crispy Korean fried chicken restaurants opening all over Southern California?

The chain is in growth mode. It has 386 restaurants around the world. More than 115 locations are in the United States, according to Bonchon's latest financial report for July. It plans to open 120 more.

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What's the secret of this incredible concept? ...It's handcrafted battered chicken, double fried and varnished by hand, which delivers the best product you can find on the market.


Restaurant format

A sit down restaurant with wait staff and bar service allowing for a full service experience.
This format is a faster approach with a counter where you order from a cashier with digital menu boards. Limited seating and smaller footprint.

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Why bet on the professional franchise system?

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