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Exclusive boutique women studio

B3B is the most complete and effective high-intensity physical training method for women in 45 minutes, the new revolution in women's fitness. Tell us, what new destination should B3B Woman Studio® reach?

Training and support

The professional franchise system of B3B Woman Studio® offers each franchisee:

Transmission of know-how through world-class operations hands-on training and eLearning manuals.

Comprehensive initial training and coaching program.

Corporate advertising plan and local promotion programs.

Technical assistance and ongoing support protocols.


Why choose a B3B Woman Studio® franchise?

Based on the fitness market in New York, B3B develops its own unique method: B3B Woman®, a concept that combines 3 types of exercises in a period of 45 minutes: 15' of Bike, 15' of Box and 15' of Ballet.

Spaces that differentiate B3B Woman Studio®.


The bike B3B it's fast, light and fun. With the aim of burning calories and speed up metabolism.


The Box B3B It is non-contact, that is, with gloves and a heavy bag, to release all stress while toning the upper body and core.


In B3B "Ballet fitness" is practiced, that is, barre work, which is performed at a ballet barre and is inspired by the warm-up of the dancers. 

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