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Catherine Monson
FastSigns International
Carlos Barrientos
Camila Escobar
Juan Valdez Café
Núria Vilanova
CEO & Founder
Juan Luis Ramírez
Portobello Capital


Sandra Carrillo Massa
GNF Worldwide
Eduardo Abadía
Director Ejecutivo
Asociación Españolade Franquiciadores
Eric Johnson
Global Director of Franchise Programs 
U.S. Department of Commerce
Julio Noriega
Global CEO
Renaissance Executive Forums
Sherman D. Roberts
Ivy Faculty Consortium
Felipe Santamaría
Managing Director
Rockstart Latam

Los Grandes


Since our founding, we have been dedicated to helping others pursue greatness in the business world. On the year of our 10th anniversary, the journey we have traveled has made us think about how fortunate we have been to share every step of the way with great leaders around the world.

Today we live in a reality that encourages us not only to continue growing, but to preserve our values and transcend. And we believe it is time to recognize those who, with their vision and passion, make this world a better place. For this is what makes an ordinary human being, someone unique and extraordinary; someone GREAT.

Join us to celebrate “LOS GRANDES”, in our first decade of existence; one of leadership and, without a doubt, of persistence alongside great men and women. We look forward to recognizing these leaders who capture our spirit, and work every day towards a dream: to make others greater.


The Mentor

He who with his experience enlightens the chosen of new generations, sharing his knowledge, and offering his time and friendship.

The Visionary

He who lives the present looking to the future, with an enlightened mind and a global vision, to detect the opportunities of tomorrow, today.

The Creator

He who with its immense force and creativity generates advances that are translated into quantum leaps for its environment, laying the foundations for development.

The Heroe

He who with his example and feats highlights the values in which he believes, finding a balance between professional success and generating well-being in his community.

The Revolutionary

He who through their work, resilience and courage, has marked a turn within their industry, market or community, challenging the status quo and positively impacting their environment.